purchased a new laptop or computer? Before you start on a gaming and other software installation binge, you should first install an antivirus programme. Antivirus software is revered by PC fans, and for good reason. Although the internet makes life appear simpler, it also presents a serious danger to your gadgets, particularly PCs. Viruses may infect your system and pose a hazard from just about anywhere on the internet.

Don’t worry; I’ve got you covered if you’re wondering which antivirus programme is best for your computer. You may use a variety of apps to safeguard your computer. But this is the best of the best, as shown by outstanding customer evaluations and my personal experience.

Best Antivirus for Windows 10 PC

Norton Antivirus

No need to introduce Norton. It is without a doubt the most in-demand antivirus programme for PCs. And it has been that way for a long time. One of the most reliable antivirus programmes to put on your computer in 2022, without a doubt. No matter the year, it will always be on our list of the top PC antivirus programmes in India! The programme is available in a variety of versions.

You should not worry about choosing the cheapest version, however. This is mainly because they all provide excellent protection. The only drawback to utilising Norton is that it could make your computer sluggish while doing thorough scans of your computer. When using an antivirus like Norton, it is a tiny amount to pay.

Additionally, LifeLock is now included with Norton 360. When it comes to protecting against identity theft, LifeLock has long been a top brand. The icing on the cake is receiving their priceless services included with your Norton membership! Additionally, their plans are reasonably priced.


One of the greatest antivirus programmes for PCs is TotalAV, which is underestimated. More so if you like playing video games. TotalAV is a great investment. This is mainly because it contains a game booster that has won awards. When playing games, you may simply turn on the integrated game booster that is part of the programme.
Overall, it is a very light antivirus programme for your computer that will never cause it to lag. It has excellent spyware and malware mechanisms. There is also security for your identity and online purchases if that weren’t enough. It is among the greatest on our list as a result of all of these factors together.


McAfee is a must-have on any list of the top antivirus programmes. For many years, they have offered top-notch antivirus services to millions of PC users throughout the world. McAfee is your man if you want an antivirus that won’t make you completely lost with a confusing user interface!

Additionally, it is really quite reasonably priced. For only Rs. 2,199, you can cover up to five gadgets for two years. It includes a number of utilities. The good thing with McAfee is that it truly notifies you and issues warnings when anything on your desktop even hints at being dodgy. McAfee monitors any suspect websites or unsecured Wi-Fi right away and alerts you to them.

One of those antivirus apps that quietly operates in the background with no strain on your computer is this one. Yes, comprehensive scans may very slightly slow down your PC. at different times? Not at all. My own experience can undoubtedly attest to it.


The greatest solution for you to secure your PC wisely is Bitdefender. The fact that Bitdefender is very lightweight has always stuck out to me from my very own personal experience. Many individuals who desire to use antivirus software for their PCs are mostly worried that it would slow it down.

It’s not Bitdefender. Your system is not at all slowed down, and everything is handled perfectly. Bitdefender is the best option if money is limited and you don’t want to spend a lot. They also have some really incredible specials and offers! Undoubtedly a bargain given the several functions that this antivirus programme provides.


Numerous antivirus programmes might occupy the third spot in this round. ESET, Panda Security, and Norton were competitors, but Kaspersky deserves praise for prioritising the quality of its capabilities above the number.

It features a file shredder, parental controls, and a safe browser—everything we’re looking for in this round.

A privacy cleaner and camera protection are further noteworthy features. It will search your system for any personally identifiable information and remove it. The privacy cleaner will safeguard you from identity theft even if it won’t save you as much space as AVG TuneUp. For more information on how to protect yourself, read our identity theft prevention advice. You can also read our article on identity theft statistics to understand why it’s crucial to take precautions.

You get Safe Money, a safe method of conducting online purchases, but Kaspersky also safeguards your default browser. Data collection efforts from social networks and site analytics will be prevented by using private browsing.

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