There is no telling when and how an accident can happen suddenly. There is no doctor in front of the hand for a long time after the accident. What not to do? If the first aid is not available, then the amount of damage will be reduced a lot.

Share the tips with everyone so that in case of sudden danger they can also reduce the amount of damage
In the initial stage, I have shown you some things that can be done while sitting in a medical room.

What to do if suddenly cut off

If suddenly cut into something
If you have grass or marigold leaves in front of your hand, apply it on the rubbed area. It will stop your bleeding.

What to do if it burns somewhere

Apply kerosene oil all over the place immediately so that blisters do not appear and the wound is reduced
Will go
Juice of Pui leaves dries the wound quickly
If you can crush the potato immediately, the wound will heal and the burning pain will be reduced
It is strictly forbidden to eat sour in case of fire
If you cut somewhere, you should eat nutritious food that increases blood
These are the first medical doctor’s advice you must take, not the doctor at hand
If there is a sudden danger, you can try it. If you know the tips, you can reduce its loss a lot. Please share with everyone. No one can tell how the danger comes, so be prepared first.

What to do in case of injury

Raw turmeric and lime are very beneficial when mixed with hot water
What are the benefits of frying ginger, garlic and onion in hot oil with rice?

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