E-mail Marketing is one of a promotional trick often used by marketers. Here organizations try to send commercial messages to potential and current customers via e-mails. For this task, organizations collect their customer’s details at purchasing time and use it to send those commercial messages. This is a low budget and fastest way to reach customers. Marketing through E-mails is only second to search engine marketing. Because search engine marketing covers a huge audience at one time. Generally, mailing is a boring task because it takes more time and money to create artworks, typing, addressing and mailing. Further, it takes some time to reach customers through email marketing due to the above tasks. But E-mail Marketing can be done easily in many ways. And companies can reach the customers within a very short period of time.

Advantages of E-mail Marketing

  • Using E-mail Marketing, organizations can do their promotional campaigns by sending advertising and commercials. And also they can build their customers loyalty and build the brands or the product images and repeat purchasing.
  • Though Marketing through E-mail organizations can increase their immediate sales. Because always customers checking for new promotions and if they knew about a promotion, they would like to purchase immediately.
  • On the other hand, E-mail Marketing would help the transactions and communication between organizations. Because it would be easy to do transactions via e-mails than going to another place. And organizations can do the promotional campaigns via e-mails as direct mails and for the task, organizations can rent a database of target customers from Service Companies.

Disadvantages of E-mail Marketing

E-mail Marketing is easy and effective but sometimes it is not. Because customers get more messages via e-mails within a day. So customers try to skip the disturbing massages. And it can be a reason to reduce the brand acceptance and loyalty. However, the smartphone is becoming a part of a human lifestyle these days. So organizations can identify their target customers and study their reactions very easily. And companies can use this strategy at the right time. Sometimes customers search for some products and collect details from the internet. In such situations, the organizations can market their product via e-mail in an attractive way including what customer searched. Then organizations can build their brand awareness quickly and easily.

E-mail Marketing is an effective way to promote and advertise products and services to target customers and potential customers. And it also helps to retain those customers. It saves time, money and it is a safe way to do direct marketing and online transactions within seconds. And this strategy is a proper way to keep details in longer time period because it is safe until customer delete it. So E-mail Marketing is an effective marketing tactic that is often used by present marketers.

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