Does Godaddy’s complete domain privacy protection make sense? Are you debating whether or not to get Godaddy’s domain privacy protection but aren’t sure whether it would be worthwhile? Do you question if domain privacy is required while building a website? This is unquestionably a question you must respond to PRIOR TO CHECKING OUT if you are ready to purchase a new domain to create a website. Continue reading this Godaddy Domain Privacy Protection Review to learn the solution and what to think about PRIOR to domain purchase.

What This Godaddy Domain Protection Review Will Cover

Based on my online experience, I’ll let you know in the Godaddy Domain Privacy review whether or not the complete domain privacy protection is worthwhile. You may then decide whether to purchase it at the register or not after seeing what it is and why it’s significant.

Following my own domain buying experience, I’ll provide several fantastic Godaddy alternatives for site hosting. I wanted to discuss this procedure today for anyone who are interested since I have over 30 domain names and am familiar with it.

Additionally, read this review through to the conclusion to learn where to get less expensive web hosting providers with superior customer care compared to Godaddy. You’ll be happy you did.

What is domain protection godaddy

When you think about domain privacy protection, imagine that your name and address are not published in the White Pages or local phone directories. This service is often offered by White Pages or your local phone provider in your city or town for a reasonable annual cost. If you are not listed, no one can contact you based on a phone book search.

You will be given the choice to add Godaddy Full Privacy Domain Protection at the time of domain purchase. Similar principles apply when dealing with internet websites. It costs $9.99 per year, and Godaddy often adds it on as an automated upsell. For $14.99 a year, they also provide the Ultimate Domain Protection & Security package.

Your personal information, including name, address, phone number, email, blood type, LOL, and more, is blocked by this service. By using this feature, your information is essentially privatised so that it doesn’t show up on ICANN search or the whois database.

Therefore, in order to find out who owns a website, a person would simply need to go to one of these sources. However, it will be blocked by Godaddy’s domain privacy protection.

Does Your Domain Need to Be Private?

It’s up to you to make a choice and apply the pressure. When you respond, it will be obvious if Godaddy’s complete domain privacy protection is worthwhile for you. But there are other explanations for why users ask themselves this query when on the Godaddy checkout page.

Making a domain purchase does not need using the Godaddy Full Domain Privacy and Protection service. But should you still purchase it? You MUST keep in mind that your personal information WILL be made public if you DO NOT purchase domain privacy.

Not taking the plunge and adopting Godaddy Domain Privacy Protection has several drawbacks.

To begin with, you will get a barrage of spam-like emails from site designers and other sales-focused businesses pitching you on their services. They’ll work nonstop to promote things like SEO and web design services. Additionally, all day long, sales calls from out-of-state or unknown numbers will cause your phone to ring nonstop. This is what occurred to me in the past when I didn’t activate this feature, therefore I am saying it now.

Think about a few more causes for getting domain privacy protection. Data breaches reportedly cost businesses over 4.2 million, according to certain statistics from Statistica. Over 1,000 data breaches were reported in the United States in 2020. Over 155.8 million people in the US were exposed to sensitive data exposures over the same year. Hackers and cyberattackers are at blame for 85% of data breaches.

On November 17, 2021, Godaddy disclosed a security problem that impacted 1.2 million of their Managed WordPress hosting subscribers. This was a significant data breach.

All of the statistics cited only highlight how crucial data protection is. You need to take action to prevent your personal information from being made available to the public in order to save yourself from needless aggravation. You have the option of purchasing domain privacy protection elsewhere or via Godaddy.

A person posed the question Is domain privacy protection useful while searching Reddit. The customer said that after purchasing a domain name without it, he received over 30 messages from Indians offering “high grade consultation services” in the space of 24 hours in his mailbox.

However, if you don’t care who phones you at all hours of the day, don’t mind receiving a tonne of SPAM emails, don’t mind getting a lot of cold calls from salespeople, and don’t mind the possibility of having your domain name taken over, then you should forgo domain privacy.

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