As much as possible, you want to be prepared. This applies to all aspects of your life – in your career, with friends and even at home. You don’t want to be caught up in a situation wherein you’d be stressed because you were not able to prepare for it. This is basically the reason why your home is full your family’s supplies which will last them about three months, your kids have educational plans, and your appointments are always scheduled. You think that doing all of these are necessary as it can save you valuable time, effort and money. Being the prepared person that you are, you’re now thinking of acquiring insurance disability. Your friends have it, that’s why the idea interests you so much, but you still haven’t made up your mind yet.


Disability insurance comes with a price; it’s not free. Before you can enjoy its benefits, you have to pay a certain amount. You understand all of these things, which is why you have second thoughts of getting disability insurance for yourself. To help you in your dilemma, listed below are the top 5 advantages of disability insurance to your health. Take the time to read as these can help you come up with a sound decision:

The money you need, when you need it most : One of the significant difference between a disability and life insurance is the event that triggers the benefits. When you have a life insurance policy, the benefits will only be given to your beneficiaries once you die. This is great as you can still provide for their needs after you’re dead, but what will happen if your disability isn’t fatal and you lived? Should your loved ones suffer due to your incapacity to provide income for the family? Obviously, the answer is no – and this is where disability insurance plays a big role in the picture. The good thing about disability insurance is that it actually pays your benefit not when you die but when you’re disabled. It’ll give you the coverage right when you (and your beneficiaries) need it. Because even if you’re disabled due to an accident, for example, your dependents will still need food, shelter, and utilities, right?

A price for every lifestyle : Yes, you might be getting financial support from your disability insurance benefits, but it’s not intended to cover your entire life’s expenses. Disability insurance is there to cover the expenses you could possibly incur while your disability requires you to be absent from work for days while making sure that you can still recover as needed and your dependents’ needs aren’t disregarded in the process. All of these things are addressed once you have disability insurance. Because it’s not meant to replace your life’s total income, this kind of insurance is very affordable (contrary to popular belief) which makes it easier for anyone to add this in their financial plan regardless of the lifestyle that they’re living right now.

Focus on recovery : When you’re disabled, you’ll be required to undergo several therapies, follow a strict diet and maintain medication for your long-term recovery. This might not seem like a problem for someone who has enough financial resources, but if you don’t have the abundance of resources, this might become an issue. Once you don’t have enough funds, your recovery will not only be impaired, but you’ll be stressed from the fact that you need to look for funds in order to sustain you for your disabilities. Some disabilities can also worsen over time so the longer you delay your treatment, the worse your disability can become.

Tax-free benefits : You might be worried because although disability insurance can give you financial support, tax can still be taken from the amount which results in a lesser benefit. You won’t have to stress yourself so much about that because you’ll be receiving the benefits from your insurance in full amount – yes, you’ve read that right. The benefits from your disability insurance are tax-exempt as long as you’ve paid all of your premiums. This means that every penny in your insurance will be available to you the moment you need it.

One policy, many jobs : Some insurance will vary once you transfer jobs (e.g., workers’ compensation) but fortunately, disability insurance is not one of them. You can still transfer from one job to another without worrying about your policy. It will still remain as stable and reliable as it was when you got it for the first time, regardless of where you’re currently working. If you find yourself changing job titles or working in several temporary jobs, you won’t have to be stressed out thinking if you’ll be losing your insurance, or if you’ll be paying higher premiums. Just because your jobs changes, doesn’t mean your disability insurance should too!

Obviously, disability insurance can help you in more ways than one. It can be beneficial especially if you don’t have enough financial resources to support your medical needs if you’re disabled in the future. As you’re able to know all of this information through this article, it’ll be easier to determine if disability insurance is for you and for your family. You can also use this article to determine what to expect and how to maximize the benefits of disability insurance.

When you’re still unsure of getting a disability insurance after having injured in an accident, you may consider knowing some legal options by clicking here.

Andrew is a passionate writer, writing about disabilities and the law. He has written about many subjects aimed to help those who have questions unanswered. In his spare time, he enjoys working on volunteering for those less fortunate.

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