Even if you followed all the necessary steps, your affiliate marketing strategy won’t produce any sales, thus it’s time to examine your SEO strategies. Perhaps you didn’t look up the target term in the SERPs?

You may identify what you’re missing and make improvements to rank #1 in search results with a quick check like this. There are SERP analysis tools that may accomplish the work for you even though manually reviewing these pages takes a lot of time and effort.

You may choose from ten SERP preview tools in this section. While some of them concentrate exclusively on results page audits, others are all-in-one tools that will assist you in creating an SEO strategy from beginning.

Why Every Affiliate Marketer Needs SERP Tracking

What is a SERP?

After typing a search term into the search area and pressing Enter, you will get a SERP (search engine results page). You may find a lot of information on these sites to raise your rankings:

  • leaders in the ranking for the specified search term
  • accessible features for SERP
  • the page’s top advertisements, plus more

One of the greatest tools for affiliate marketing is a SERP checker.

Top 10 Best SERP Checker Tools For Affiliate Marketers

Let’s review the top 10 affiliate marketing tools now on the market now that we’ve demonstrated the significance of SERP monitoring for every marketer.


One of the top SERP tracking tools is SERPWoo. It is thorough, and you may utilise it to learn more about the actions and strategies taken by your rivals. With SERPWoo, you can keep an eye on the top 20 results for each search and learn more about what other websites are doing.

You can assess the performance of your website or blog with SERPWoo since it provides all the data you want. You may create methods that work and edit your current material to make it better. You may keep track of the factors that lead to other websites ranking above you and adjust your website appropriately.


  • Find fresh chances in your SERPs to increase traffic.
  • a cutting-edge reporting solution that allows you to see your data in a way that is unique
  • Designed by professionals with more than 30 years of experience in the field
  • To try the tool without submitting credit card information, create a free account.
  • Receive email alerts if your ranking position changes.



SEMRush is the finest option for you if you’re looking for a SERP checker tool that will let you monitor your competitors and keep one step ahead. It gives you highly thorough information and analyses that may help you perform better.

Keyword rank tracking is available at a reasonable cost with SEMRush. Both the desktop and mobile versions of SEMRush allow you to monitor progress. You get all the necessary ranking information that may guide your website and content upgrades.


  • Get interactive reports
  • get frequent statistics and keyword updates
  • Tracking for both desktop and mobile devices is provided.
  • every day, do 100 SERP searches and outcomes
  • Tracking keywords at an affordable price



Many of Ahrefs’ tools are available for free. It helps you to keep track of keywords and get thorough data that will assist you in making the greatest alterations to your website. You may view the top three websites for a brief free trial period for any term you choose to follow.

To monitor and evaluate the keywords you wish to employ and raise your rating, use Ahrefs. You may join up for the 7-day free trial for a more structured tracking method. Additionally, you may purchase a membership to get more thorough data.


  • Free SERP and website ranking analysis
  • Before subscribing for any features, try them out for free for 7 days.
  • Tools for SEO that will enhance the functionality of your website
  • Check the functionality of your website.


SiteChecker Pro

Despite being an extension, SiteChecker Pro’s rank checker is one of the finest due to how simple it is to use. You may utilise the comprehensive reports and notifications it gives you to advance your website. Additionally, SiteChecker Pro may help you improve your technical and on-page SEO.

You can monitor the keywords you use and their positioning with SiteChecker Pro. You may get all the data you need to enhance your content. Additionally, SiteChecker Pro offers recommendations that guarantee you raise your rating.


  • Daily and weekly reports are available.
  • for your keywords, various filters
  • Monitor keyword positions across several search engines
  • Use anywhere in the globe and from any device.
  • Utilize the advanced mode to change the table’s parameters.
  • Completely analyse SEO for any term of your choosing.



In our list of rank tracker tools, Zutrix is the following entry. Zutrix consistently produces results that are extremely close to what was expected by using AI to monitor target keywords.
Zutrix includes all of the metrics you could want to monitor, including search traffic, cost per click, and search trends.
Analyzing geo-targeted rankings using Matrix may help you reach local audiences. Use its findings to increase your content’s local search optimization and exposure to consumers in your area.


  • Geo-filtered search results using AI
  • Slack, email, and Telegram rate alerts in real time
  • On-demand and scheduled reporting
  • White-labelling
  • Instantaneous notifications
  • Key word study (for keyword research)



You can’t go wrong with MonsterInsights if you’re searching for thorough rank tracking tools for your e-commerce site.

You can monitor how well your website is doing across all major search engines and platforms by using the Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. It provides you with thorough SEO information and is one of the top rank tracker tools.

You may monitor your keyword positions for certain keywords to check how well your website is doing for those searches.

Investigate this tool to discover whether it’s one of the Rank Tracker tools worth investing in.


  • search engine results
  • dashboard for analytics
  • Ecommerce tracking of SEO performance
  • stats for each page
  • Rank across devices is tracked



AccuRanker is a fantastic option if you’re looking for rank tracker tools that solely provide rank tracking.

Accuranker provides on-demand and daily rank tracking, as well as extensive data segmentation choices, in addition to assisting you in tracking keyword ranks.

It also interfaces with analytics tools like Adobe Analytics and Google Search Console, as do the majority of rank tracking tools. You may learn more about useful, sophisticated metrics for keyword rankings in this way.

To determine whether it is one of the best rank tracking tools for your company, examine its features in further detail.


  • Rank tracking for both daily and on-demand
  • Overview of SERPs and historical results
  • Tracking data may be sorted and divided.
  • follows more than 50 SERP features


Bottom Line

Each affiliate marketer needs a Google SERP checker. You may monitor competition, view position history, and observe how well your website performs for target keywords by using a SERP checker.

Various tools are available. Some provide a complicated technique that allows you to audit your website, look at SERPs, and assess the quality of your keywords and backlinks. Others, who are often less expensive, merely do results page checks.

Take your objectives and budget into account before selecting the ideal solution for your affiliate marketing campaign. If you need to enhance your SEO overall, it is preferable to choose a comprehensive tool that will provide you all the information you need to know about the performance of your website, the keywords you employ, competitors, backlinks, etc. at a reasonable fee. But a specialised SERP tool may also be useful.

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