1. Regardless of the cost, if you are tired ,drunk or distracted, take a cab home. There are simply too many things that can happen to a woman at night to make walking or taking a train/subway at night a good idea. If you can’t get a cab (even after you have walked into a bar and asked them to call you one) call a friend. If you have no friends with a car, get better friends. If your friends won’t come, get better friends.
  2. Carry a flashlight – If you have a large bag, carry a large flashlight; if you have a smaller bag carry a smaller light but make certain that it has good batteries and is bright. Swinging the big flashlight will take care of most major issues; blinding someone with a light will give you a chance to run away and scream. Fire! LOUDLY.
  3. Don’t talk on the phone , use a iPod or anything else but walk. I’ve seen women in NYC walking down the street yakking on a cell phone with several men they didn’t even notice watching them intently. Had I not been a witness, they could have easily accosted them and no one would have been the wiser.
  4. Know where you are going. If you don’t know or are not sure, find out in advance or just don’t go.
  5. Unless you are going out, wear clothes that you can run in. Cute boots and shoes are worthless in case of an emergency. Dress for the weather; and unless if you are going some place with which requires you dress nicely, don’t.
  6. Let things go. If A guy makes a rude or vulgar remark, just keep walking. Don’t think that your few months of self-defense classes or the gun (see below) are going to do anything. Nothing anybody says to you in the street is worth getting hurt over.
  7. MYOB. If you are truly bothered by something that you see, call the police. It’s their job to handle BS. All you can do is get yourself into serious issues. If you don’t know the people, just MYOB (mind your own business) and keep going.
  8. Pay attention to your instincts. If it feels bad, it probably is. Stay away or walk away.
  9. Walk like you know where you are. Head up,confident and unafraid (even if you actually are).
  10. Guns. No way. Unless you are trained in the use of firearms and believe that you have the ability to take a human life, don’t bother carrying a firearm, It’s difficult to get a permit in most cities, it’s illegal to carry one w/o permit in most cities and you will be in a great deal of trouble if you shoot another person either with an illegal hand gun or if you shoot the wrong person. You are also highly unlikely to get the opportunity successfully draw, aim and shoot the weapon before an attacker is upon you. They will take the weapon away from you and they may use it on you

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