There are many people who are looking for movie links. It would be wrong to say the link, many people can not find the movie library from where you can get the movie. So the easy solution to the big problem is either watching dramas, songs on YouTube or collecting from others.
Many people search the YouTube link of the movie again (not all movies are on YouTube, the ones that come much later). The amount of hype created by Southern movies being dubbed on YouTube suggests that a large portion of our movie lovers are dependent on YouTube.
A large part of this movie lovers are again wifi users. A small portion downloads movies with mobile data (Barlox).
Many people use telegrams and torrents but the main problem is that the problem of these does not enter the minds of many and the speed of the tortoise is very paradigm. In some cases, the approximate time of a movie download in torrent is 30-40-50 years (think!), But torrent / telegram is not something that is thrown away.
Excluding YouTube, website users, mobile data users, today we will talk about wifi wizards. Where you get speed 1-9MBps +. In addition to movies, web series, anime, drama, award shows, you will find various apps, games and software required for Android and PC. Getting along with the download
Also various streaming sites.
Yes. I was talking about FTP server. Since I am not a wise man, I will not go too far and come to the real word in shortcuts.
Many people who use broadband line will have heard of BDIX server. The full form of this is Bangladesh internet service exchange. On BDIX Server or FTP Server you will find almost everything: various types of movies, series, songs, dramas, videos, PC and mobile games, cracked and mod software etc.
Your ISP or your Internet service provider has one or more FTP servers. BDIX Server has been created by a number of such ISPs. From where you can download any file at high speed.
᳀ Now the question is where you will get all these server links and even if you get which servers support your ISP or from which you will get good speed!

➊ First download the app called BDIX Tester from Google Play Store on your mobile. You must be connected to broadband to use the app. Will not work on hotspot or mobile data.

➋ Now open the app and tap the Start Test button below to start scanning. If you tap on View without completing the scanning, you will not be able to see the working links.
After scanning, you will see a result where all the BDIX server links as well as the ones that support your network will show.
পর After the scanning is completed, tapping on the VIEW button will give you several options called ALL, TV, FTP, MOVIE. Below the links will be written in green working and how much speed you will get.

If you tap on that link, you will get Copy URL Address and Visit Website option. If you want, you can copy and paste it in the desired browser and use it or you can also use it in the default browser by tapping on visit website. You can also do video steaming without downloading from FTP. In this case I would recommend UC Turbo browser.

You can also use working links on your PC. You will get more speed on PC than mobile. Many servers on your ISP may not support what other ISPs support.
You can stream movie from the link obtained from Movie option and watch live TV from the link obtained from TV option.
You can download various files (movies, games, softwares, etc.) from FTP servers.

Note: If Circle Network or BossBD server is supported, you will find almost everything from there and new movie-series are also uploaded here very fast.
If you do not support these and do not find any other convenient server, you can comment and try to link to another server.

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