In today’s post we will discuss how to get Google AdSense approval on your website and how to do it very fast. I will discuss how to do it. We will not talk too much and move on to our main topic. So let’s get started.

What is Google Adsense?

Well, we don’t know what Google AdSense is. For their purposes I will speak first. That you are currently far away from online. Google Adsense is basically an advertising platform. Which is owned by Google. In other words, the advertising platform that Google has is basically called Adsense. With Google AdSense we are publishers but we can apply for Google AdSense by filling out a minimum requirement on our website or on Android apps or on our YouTube channel. And after applying for Google AdSense, they give us approval if their requirements are fully fulfilled. When the requirements are fulfilled and we get the approval, we take the ad code from Google AdSense and put the ads on our website or inside our Android app or on our YouTube channel. Ways to get Google AdSense approval

But, inside our website or youtube channel or android app, but we can show ads. This is basically Google Adsense. Let me tell you a little more about it when you open an app or visit our website. You will see that after entering different websites or apps at different times, but there is an ad show. Where do these ads come from? But this ad comes through Google Adsense. In fact, there are many alternatives to Google Adsense through Google Adsense. It also comes from them.

However, the most popular ad network is Google Adsense. Because, the CPC of Google Adsense is good and the revenue from here is almost several times more than other ad networks. Which is why all publishers move to Google Adsense. Google AdSense is an ad founders that publishers take their various ads and the revenue from them. Google AdSense releases payments on the 1st of every month. We all know that.

Google Adsense’s payment system

After fulfilling the requirements of our website, we will definitely get the approval of Google AdSense on our website. However, after getting Google AdSense, the biggest option we have or the question is the payment method of Google AdSense. I am discussing with you about how they will pay, whether I will be able to receive payment from Bangladesh or India and whether they will deduct any fee, what will be my income, etc. That is Google Adsense, when you get the approval, after getting the approval, you will put the code that you will give them from there to your website and from there you can start auto ads. Ways to get Google AdSense approval

Or you can put a manual ad. That is your wish. No matter what you do, the visitors that come to us after running the apps will be able to see the ads on our website. As we see ads when we go to different websites. After watching them, but many times we ourselves, if we like any of our ads or I am attracted to it, I just click on the ad. And after clicking on the ad for that product or that website, we go to the place where it takes us and spend some time. If we spend some time, we will get the income from this but basically the website that has honors and it will be the same in your case. But according to the CPC, Google Adsense will pay us some money when the visitor clicks on the advertisement on your website.

But the money will not come directly to our bank. This means that the amount that is in the small size will be Google Adsense and thus the small number will be bigger when our  10USD  will be full of the total balance. But then Google Adsense will send a letter to the address we have to verify.

How will the address verification letter come?

In total, when our account is full 10 USD, but Google AdSense will send to our address, that is, the address that we gave when opening the Google AdSense account. A code will be given in the letter. The six-digit code that we have to put in the Google Adsense account and this is what we basically call address verification. A PIN will be sent from Google to verify that our address is correct. After receiving the PIN, we will verify it.

Normally all the verification codes come via SMS but the address verification code will be sent via letter or you can say by letter from Google Adsense. When it is sent to us by letter, it will reach us by post. That means our address will arrive. Then we receive it and there will be code inside it. The address will be verified if you submit that code in Google AdSense in a specific place. Once the address is verified, we can see that we have an option to add the payment method. Ways to get Google AdSense approval

But it will be open to us and we can use or modify it. Then we will go to our payment profile. Then we can add bank account. If you add a bank account, but from there, every month, if our monthly, after one month or after two months, how many days later, 100 USD will be full, that is, on the 21st of every month, Google basically sends the payment. Pays. It takes 1 to 3 days to come to our bank. By the time we get our 100 USD or more, let’s say next month, on the 10th of this month, I have 100 USD and by the 21st, it is  110-1000 USD, which means that the amount that will be accumulated on the 100th, up to the 21st, on that amount. Based but my GP meeting has been held this month till 31st we get the payment.

But this income will be released on the 21st of next month and we will get it on the 1st or 3rd. This shows that we are receiving our payment after about one month or thirty days. Payment but we will get it. If you do bank account here, then we support almost all the banks in Bangladesh. You can say Islami Bank, you can say Dutch Bangla Bank or all the banks that have this type of bank but the payment is sent very easily from Google AdSense. There is no need for us to be tense. We can easily receive payment from Google Adsense InshaAllah. You have to open a bank account in Bangladesh.

Those of you who do not have a bank account can easily get the payment through Rocket Mobile Banking and we can open a bank account in a short time if we want. That is the account of Islami Bank. It installs Selfin Apps, we fill it according to our NID information and verify with the number but still we can open a bank account very easily. There is no reason to be tense about it.

How to get AdSense approval on the website?

In order to get approval for Google AdSense on the website, we need to follow some rules. One of them is that we have to use a prop theme. We have to use a very clean and fresh theme with a very simple design and no colorful. But the theme must be responsive and the site must be beautiful to look at. By installing such a theme and customizing it, you have to give the site a beautiful and professional look. You must use the logo on the site and make our logo a very beautiful logo of a site and use it on the site. Ways to get Google AdSense approval

Then we go to the top bar, About Us, Contact-us Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Disclaimer These pages but we have to make them and publish them on our website. We can show those pages in the top navigation bar if we want. Then we can enter the categories we have in our main navigation bar. It is good to note here that we will basically do 6 to 7 categories. We have 6 to 7 categories for approval of Google AdSense on our website. Three, four, five main categories we will put in the main menu we have. We don’t just have to put it on the main menu, we have to work on it.

You have to do the posts that are on the site. We need to post. We will basically post above 20 and it is better to do above 20 posts. But we will post 20 to 25. And I will try to put at least 1000+ words in each post and the more the better. However, write 20 to 25 articles of minimum 1000 words. I will definitely pay attention to the headings and subheadings of the articles. We will do internal linking, at the same time we will do the outlinking we have and in a word our posts will have to be fairly SEO done. Then you have to submit from our website to Google Search Console. And we need to index our website well. After the index is done, when we search our website, traffic will come, that is, our traffic will start coming from Google search. If we search our website, we will get approval very quickly. In this case, it is better to say that there is no requirement for the age of the site. You can submit the site in one day. Ways to get Google AdSense approval

However, I would say that you must allow the site to be one month old. Then there will be a credible on the site, but of course the site you will see regular posts. Don’t write a post after applying for AdSense. Of course, you will continue to post on your site one or two times in a row as per your taste. Index the posts on your site. Google seems to trust your site. Your site has traffic and your site is of high quality. Then you will see that in 23-24 hours you have got approval.

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