Latest Advancements in Online Gaming

It’s the 21st century, and almost every technological advancement is helping the gaming industry. With the introduction of the internet, we got online gaming, which was the biggest improvement in the gaming industry. With the time, we’ve seen many changes in the online gaming industry. In this post, we are going to share some of the greatest changes or advancements that happened in the online gaming industry.


  • Multiplayer Gaming

The MultiPlayer gaming is most popular part of online gaming industry. The Multiplayer gaming helped players to connect with other players worldwide and play with them. It is one of the most attractive features of the gaming industry, which happened due to the increase of internet connectivity in the world.


With the multiplayer gaming, more people added to the gaming industry due to the feature to connect with any random person sitting on the chair in another corner. That’s the fun for the gamers to connect and play with random strangers.

  • Artificial Intelligence

The Online gaming industry has got some incredible advancements over the time. The Artificial intelligence is one. The Artificial Intelligence helped online game companies to deal with the players. When the player decides to play the single player campaign, the AI bots in the games are the one with whom he plays. AI has opened the doors for many cheaters because a bot can exceed the limits of a human player by far in both the amount of data that he can retrieve and process within a set amount of time.

One example can be noticed on the online websites that offer sports betting games, where there are high chances of frauds, the companies thus started using the Artificial Intelligence bots to prevent such scams and frauds in the bets. Now, almost all of the online betting sites all over the world are fully protected by anti-cheat and artificial intelligence bots to prevent any frauds.

  • VR

Also, the Virtual Reality, which is helping us to view the content in three and four dimensions, is very much into action now. Most of the high-end games support the Virtual Reality kits and synchronize with them to provide the better gameplay experience. The Sports games are going to get huge popularity once the game developers include virtual reality support. Now, with the Virtual reality support, almost all of the sports related video games and betting apps are going to get a huge boost. As the virtual reality is more interactive and responsive, it is going to help the online gaming sites because of the boost in VR enabled games.

  • Graphics Upgrade

From the 2D games to high-end 3D games, the online gaming has changed. With the increase in great programming and graphical integration technology, the online game developers shifted from the two-dimensional games to three-dimensional games.

The transition from two-dimension to three-dimension has helped the online games to have visually stunning graphics, that too without giving stress on the player’s computer processor. Now that’s what I call real technological progress in online gaming industry.

  • Cloud Gaming

The Cloud is playing the significant role in the storage industry. Many people are using cloud storage for storing their valuable data and also hosting the websites. The Online Gaming industry has made its use by introducing the cloud gaming. With the cloud gaming, the players can play the games over the internet without even downloading the games.

In the cloud gaming, the company’s store the games on their powerful servers enabled with high-speed internet connection and powerful vGPU to make the game run as smooth as possible. The cloud gaming is beneficial for those gamers who have computers with low specifications and are unable to play any of the high-end games on their computer.

  • Portability

The Online games are now portable. They can be played even on the go. We just need a compatible device and active internet connection to play them. With the technological improvements, the online gaming companies introduced optimized gaming for smaller devices. The smartphones and tablet, which are most portable devices are now able to play any online games without hiccups.

As there is a high number of mobile gamers, the online gaming companies spotted the scope for increasing their reach and optimized their games to run on smaller devices. Thus, helping smartphone gamers to play their favorite online games on-the-go.

Final Words

The online gaming industry is improving day by day. Also, they are growing at the insane rate. I am personally a fan of most of the online games which offer multiplayer gaming. The multiplayer gaming helps me to connect with strangers and enjoy the gameplay with the team of strangers.

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