At old age, a lot of people think that when you get old you no longer need to look good. That’s why a lot of seniors no longer care if they lose a tooth or two. However, missing one or more of your teeth can make anyone lose confidence and maybe even restrict to your day to day living. You may not be able to eat the food that you love or can’t even smile for pictures. Gladly, there’s a solution to your missing teeth problem: dentures! They’re easy to apply and easy to maintain and care for. However, there are factors that you need to consider before getting artificial teeth.

Now, the question is, do you think you need dentures? Then, you should know that the process of deciding if you’ll get artificial teeth is a long and complicated one. It depends on the state of your oral health; this is why you need to consult your dentist. However, there are still other things that you need to know about it if you’re opting for dentures.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are teeth and gums that are artificial. They’re formed to your mouth and is created by dental experts such as your dentist. They’re made to replace your lost tooth or teeth. The artificial teeth can be partial or full, which means that they can replace one of your teeth, some of your teeth, or all of your teeth. However, whatever kind of dentures that you need, they’ll be made to fit your mouth and match your teeth.

What Are Dentures Made Out Of?

In the past, artificial teeth were made out of plastic or porcelain. However, recent dentures are made out of hard resin. The gum that supports all the fake teeth is usually made out of the same material used for the teeth or sometimes flexible polymer material that will be able to fit snugly on your gum line.

Why Should You Wear Dentures?

Artificial teeth do not only improve the way your smile looks, but also keep your mouth’s structurally sound. How? Well, artificial teeth help support that structure around your lips and cheeks, thus preventing them from unnecessarily sagging.

Artificial teeth also make it possible for you to eat food items that would require you to chew more. Thus, even with missing tooth, you can still keep the same diet and for a senior like you, to be still adequately nourished.

Artificial teeth are the feasible solution for replacing teeth that have been causing your pain. You can use dentures to replace your tooth with severe damage or rotted roots, thus eliminating them.

What Do You Need To Know If You’ll Get Dentures?

You still need to clean your dentures at least two times a day

It’s crucial that you clean your artificial teeth as often as you wash your real teeth. If you stick to a daily routine and make sure that you clean your artificial teeth at least twice a day, you’ll be able to prevent having inflamed gums or any oral infections. Plus, doing this will help you avoid the decay of your real teeth, thus reducing the risk of losing more.

You should know the proper way to clean your dentures
First, remove the artificial teeth from your mouth and put in a container or glass filled with disinfected water.
Remove food residues by brushing your artificial teeth with a denture cleaning paste.
You should then submerge your dentures on a dissolvable denture cleaner mixed with water, but remember not to use hot water. Hot water will warp your artificial teeth.
After soaking your artificial teeth for at least five minutes, you should brush them once more.
Make sure to brush them gently so you could avoid creating dents on them.You should also brush them thoroughly so all the bacteria is completely removed.

Learn what the products that can damage your artificial teeth are

Make sure that when you purchase products for your dentures, they won’t damage them.
Purchase a denture cleaner that will not damage the lining of your artificial teeth.
If you pick metal artificial teeth, make sure that you choose a cleaner that’s meant for them.
If you have difficulties in finding the right cleaner for you, you can always ask for advice from your dentist.
Do not use any denture cleaners that have bleach in them as they weaken them and make them vulnerable to damage.

Change your lifestyle once you start wearing artificial teeth

If you still smoke or drink plenty of alcohol, you should start reducing them, even if it’s difficult at this time of your life. Drinking coffee, alcohol, and acidic drinks such as soda will stain your artificial teeth and weaken them. Smoking will also get your dentures stained. Thus, if you have bad habits such as drinking and smoking, if you want to prolong your artificial teeth, you need to start making changes.

You should keep in touch with your dentist for your denture hygiene

You should never forget that your dentist has a crucial role if you want to keep your artificial teeth in excellent condition. You should get your dentures checked regularly as he/she would be able to tell you if there’s tartar build up or if they no longer fit you, thus preventing them from getting broken or causing you pain.

In The End

The best way for you to know if getting dentures at your age is still possible is to sit down and talk it over with your dentist. You should come prepared and equipped with all the necessary questions when talking to your dentist. You should ask him/her about how the procedure works, how long will it take for your gums to heal, and when will you be able to start using your artificial teeth.

If you want to make the most out of your choices when getting dentures, there are cosmetics and family dental services that can help you. An example of which is Makhoul Dentistry that can assist you with your unique dental needs.

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