Even adults may develop long-term psychological issues as a result of the internet, social media, and technology in general. It might be hazardous to place such strong weapons in the hands of developing youngsters. That is one of the reasons why opening a Gmail or Google account for a youngster is prohibited. But there is a significant advantage that we cannot ignore with the expanding online educational resources and games that your kid may play and learn from. Following are instructions on how to set up a Google account for your kid and manage it by implementing the necessary limitations using the parental controls tool.

The Google Family Link app is the magic ingredient. The software provides several options for managing your child’s Google account. Manage the applications your kid has access to, keep an eye on their screen time, remotely lock the device, get weekly and monthly activity reports, set bedtimes, find out where they are, and more are important possibilities. Let’s look at how you can legally set up a Google account for your kid before going through all of that, however.

 Create Child Google Account

Both Windows and Mac machines may use a similar process to set up new Google accounts. See the detailed instructions on how to sign up for a new account for your kid below.

You may use this to sign up or sign in using a Google account. When you launch the Chrome browser, it prompts you to choose the profile you want to work on since it supports the creation of profiles for accounts. So it enables you quickly to pick the Google account to operate with,

Step 1: Open a browser on your Windows or Apple Mac computer. if you already have the Google Chrome browser installed.

Step 2: Go to www.google.com and click the “Sign In” button.

Step 3: Select “Create Account” from the menu on the Google Account Sign-In Page.

Step 4: Now, it provides the following choices:

  • For myself
  • For my child
  • To manage my business

Go to the “For my child” option and click.

Step 5: Click “Yes Continue” after reading the instructions in their entirety.

Step 6: Enter the details of your child’s account on establish a Google Account.

  • first name
  • last name
  • New Username (it will be the Gmail id)
  • Password (Create a strong password with a minimum of 8 characteristics)

Step 7: Update your child’s birthdate information and gender on the Google Basic Information.

Step 8:Enter the parent’s email address or phone number on the “Parent sign-in” screen, then click “Next” to proceed.

Step 9: Now that you have read the whole Google Terms of Service, check the appropriate box, and click Agree.

Accept the verification and click Continue if you have 2-step verification enabled for your Google account. Google has just sent you a detailed email with all the information about your child’s Google account.


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