Google’s cloud-based structure is known as Google Cloud Platform. As you may already be aware, Google upholds excellent standards for security and data protection, so the procedure will be simple and secure if you wish to cancel Google Cloud Platform or erase data from it.

Before leaving Google Cloud Platform

What would you want to cancel, and why?

You should consider what you want to cancel and why before cancelling Google Cloud Platform and erasing your previous data. Since various procedures are followed depending on whether you merely want to remove the resources, the projects, or the complete Google account, knowing this will be crucial to know before making the request.

Since you will lose a lot of data that can be important to your business, you must also be explicit about the reasons for the withdrawal. It’s likely that you left GCP because you didn’t comprehend the system or because you needed better medical attention. In order to help you utilise GCP more wisely, we can assist you develop synergies as Google’s Premier Partner, so if you’re still unsure, get in touch with us.

How quickly can data be removed from Google Cloud Platform?

Data removal from GCP is a simple and secure procedure. The speed of data removal from the application and storage layers might vary depending on the data storage arrangement.

Usually, data is removed from running systems two months after a request for it. Data from Google backups is deleted around six months later.

How to cancel Google Cloud Platform

Create a cancellation request. Cloud Platform by Google

The first thing you must do is cancel Google a cancellation request for Google Cloud Platform. You may deal with them directly, or if you’d like, we can assist you if needed. You must be aware of your desire to remove in order to:

Resources: In this situation, it could be a good idea to delete certain storage segments from Cloud Storage. Additionally, you may do this via APIs or the Cloud console.
Projects: You may remove any Google Cloud Platform projects that you are the owner of. You will need the correct project number to do this.
Accounts: Keep in mind that deleting your whole account will also remove any projects that you are the sole owner of. If there are more owners, the projects won’t be destroyed until all accounts have been deregistered as well.

Non-final deletion of GCP

Google allows a window of time after the deletion request has been submitted in the event that the request was made accidently or mistakenly. The length of this time depends on the desired deletions. Google Cloud Platform starts the logical destruction of all resources after the margin period has ended. For instance, the logical deletion doesn’t begin until 30 days after a Google account is cancelled.

logical data erasure

The logical destruction of all data is carried out by Google Cloud after this margin time has ended. There are two methods to do it:

Databases, Big Data, and GCP storage services (less Cloud Storage): Copies of the data become “available storage” over time and are overwritten.
Data in Google Cloud Storage is erased using cryptographic methods.

Backup systems

Backup systems are designed to retain data for an extended, static period of time, enabling the business to handle any breakdown. Because of this, completely recovering a system from backups may take longer and use more resources. Do not wait to learn more if you are interested.

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