How to Back Up Your Android Smartphone

The kind of importance smartphones do possess these days, it is equally important to arrange proper back-up for those. However, following some simple steps you can always offer back-up to your Android smartphone. Here we present you with those handy methods. These are for backing up to the cloud.



  • Go to the Setting, then Accounts and sync.
  • Move to the Accounts and select ‘Auto-sync data’.
  • Next click on Google, and then on Gmail ID you used to access the device.
  • Now you can make the entire set of options functional, hence the entire Google based data gets passed over the clouds like contact details, image, etc.
  • Now move over to Settings, and then Backup & Reset.
  • Check ‘Back up my data’.

Offering Back-up for Your Media:


  • Connect your device with the PC through a USB cable. For the Mac users, you have to keep the Android File Transfer application ready.
  • Move over the SD card on your PC, and take your chosen stuffs here.
  • All your important texts and call details over the Gmail through an application called SMS Backup+ through these simple steps.
  • Download SMS Backup+.
  • Open the application and click Connect.
  • Find your Gmail account.
  • Allow SMS Backup+ access in to your account.
  • Then back to the application and click Backup, and your entire message gets saved over the mail account.
  • Log in to Gmail at the left side you can find a label SMS.
  • You can witness here the entire texts those have been restored.
  • You just click Restore in SSMS Backup+ to get back the texts.
  • Click OK as it appears.
  • Set SMS Backup+ as your default SMS app to restore texts.
  • As the process is finished, the application displays to restore your default SMS app, click Yes.

Offering Back-up for Your Apps

To offer back-up for your apps one of the most efficient ways is to go for the local backup. Go through the simple steps given below.

  • Download ES File Explorer.
  • Move the display to right to witness the Homepage of ES File Explorer.
  • Click APP that is under a blue Android mark on right.
  • Click and hold an application, and you will find a checkmark over the icon.
  • Now click the mark within a box with dotted border to choose entire application.
  • Click Backup which is at the end to save copy of the apk files of the apps.
  • Go through Backed-up Apps to witness the saved apk files.
  • You can click any app’s apk file to install that particular app.
  • For saving the copy of these files over your system connect your Android device to it through USB.
  • Open your phone on system, and go to internal storage, then backups, and then apps.
  • Copy the entire apk files. In case you wish to format the device, the best way will be to copy the apk files to it and installing the apps by putting those in same destination as your phone then go through Backed-up Apps to witness the saved apk files, then you can click any app’s apk file to install that particular app .

You can certainly get your stuffs perfectly backed up following the above steps. It takes time a little, but in the end gives you a perfect result. Yes, the third party apps also can do the job, in fact at a faster rate. But, these are specific for certain devices, and you need to have extreme technical expertise for it.

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