We’ll give you some helpful tips on how to attract more customers to your online store and increase your sales.

Enough font in the site and email messages.

The first contact with the site plays a very important role. For counting seconds of stay on the site in a person is formed an attitude to him and the further desire or unwillingness to remain in it. Small font fatigues visitors to the online store, which affects conversions.

The concentration of important information in the header of an online store.

Remember one thing – your customers do not delve into the text but “scan” the information, so it is important to get their attention and direct it in the right direction. All sales leads must be available on the title and first screen. Conversions will increase if your offer immediately falls within the reach of a non-targeted visitor.

Texts were written in human language.

Write in a simple and understandable language, no matter where: in the online store, on social networks, newsletters. Write like a friend. Avoid clichés and do not complicate text. Remember, it’s not worth it to strain visitors and force them to read it again to understand its nature.

With online store texts, the rule works – the simpler, the better. Yes, there should be facts and characteristics, details of your products/services. But all of this can be briefly described and accessible.

The structure of the text is also important – paragraphs, lists, titles and subheadings simplify the material. In general, it is important to take into account the specifics of your audience. Who is your buyer? Answer this question and speak the recipient’s language. This is how they will hear from you.

Give social proof.

Remember to use customer feedback in the online store – their presence significantly increases the trust of potential buyers. So far, there is a fear of shopping in online stores, people are afraid of fraud, unscrupulous sellers. Show that your online store is reliable by posting reviews from your customers. We do not advise you to post fake reviews, the fake is always felt.

Use quality visual content.

Understandable selling texts in the online store is always appropriate and correct, but don’t forget about the visual content. The photos should be of good quality and if possible support the description of goods/services with demo videos. Such materials can be much more effective than text.

Focus on the interests of the audience.

Your customers’ interests and needs must be at the heart of all your customer engagement activities. Identify the benefits that audience members want, and then build a marketing strategy around those benefits.
An important point that

applies to your ad across all channels: Do not promote the online store, but the products. Whether it’s social media advertising, contextual advertising, email newsletter – promote what users are looking for. And they are looking for original dresses, shoes, gifts, watches, bags and so on, not an online store.

In attracting customers to the online store, your main task is to gather the targeted stream of people. Ie users who are already interested in your products (they just still choose the seller). Even if you have a mega-offer, a very convenient and beautiful online store, the most reasonable prices, it is as if just the targeted flow will make the purchase. Conversely, if you target uninterested people in the online store, you’ll get a zero-sum effect. So start by researching your audience. And then work on marketing channels.

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