In India, a driver’s licence is a crucial document since it gives you the legal right to operate a car. A method must be followed in order to receive a driving licence, and it must then be earned. In India, you must get a temporary licence before applying for a permanent one if you wish to become a driver.

Depending on your preference, you may apply for the licence offline or online. Following the instructions below, we’ll explain how to apply for a learner’s permit online without ever leaving your house. Remember that even though you may apply for a learner’s permit online, you still need to complete the necessary steps in person to get your permit. Additionally, it’s crucial to be at least 18 years old and familiar with traffic laws. In order to prove your age and that you satisfy other criteria, you must also have proper identification.

How To Apply Online For A Driving License In India

➤ Visit the government’s official website at

➤ Go to “Online Services” now and choose “Driving Licence Related Services.”

➤ choose the state where you live.

➤You must now choose the ‘Learner’s Licence Application’ option.

➤ Please carefully read the guidelines before entering your personal information.

➤ Your mobile number and Aadhaar number must be entered.

➤ Complete the learner’s license application form and submit the required documents.

➤ Make the payment and test date selections.

You must choose the Aadhaar authentication option when applying for a learner’s permit in your state if the process is entirely online. You may apply for the learner’s licence online without visiting the RTO. Notably, you may take the exam online and get the learner’s permit in Uttar Pradesh without going to an RTO. In Delhi, people may get their licence while sitting in the comfort of their homes without having to go to an RTO.

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