Amazon Pay Later is the simplest method to acquire a quick loan online for purchases made using EMI on, according to the e-commerce giant. To fix the limit on their account, borrowers must finish the one-time setup procedure. Once everything is set up, you may use’s “Pay Later” option at checkout to make your payment later this month or over a 3- to 12-month EMI.

For customers of Amazon Pay Later, Amazon has developed a dashboard to monitor purchases, repayments, and limit history. Amazon Pay (India) Private Limited (“Amazon”) and a third-party lending partner, Capital Float, provide Amazon Pay to you.

How to Amazon Activate  Pay Later Loan facility

To determine your eligibility and sign up for the Pay Later feature on your account, follow the procedures listed below.

Go to the Amazon Pay Later registration page on your mobile app and follow to the easy steps there.

Step 1› select your preferred KYC method?

You will see 2 methods for completing KYC:

  1. Current KYC (shown only in case you have completed KYC for Amazon Pay Balance).
  2. eKYC Based on OTP

If you choose Option 1, which is You must take the following actions if your KYC already exists:

Step 1} Verify Identity

Enter the PAN card’s 4 missing numbers if you used it to complete your KYC for Amazon Pay Balance.

Following the submission of your information, your profile will be reviewed to establish your Amazon Pay Later limit, which will be shown to you on the following page.

Step 2} The loan agreement as well as your authorised Amazon Pay Later limit will be shown on this screen. To complete the Amazon Pay Later register, please read and accept the agreement. Within a few minutes of the registration being finished, this sanctioned restriction will become operational.

If you choose Option 2, i.e. You must do the following steps, OTP based:

  1. Enter your entire PAN card number and click the Continue.
  2. Enter your full Aadhaar number and Click the Continue.
  3. An OTP will be sent to the mobile number linked with your Aadhaar number. Enter the OTP and click the Continue button.
  4. Following the input of your information, your profile will be analysed, and an Amazon Pay Later limit will be calculated, which will be shown to you on the following page.
  5. Along with the loan agreement, your authorised Amazon Pay Later limit will be presented on this page. To complete your Amazon Pay Later registration, please read and accept the agreement. This sanctioned limit will become active after a few minutes of finishing the registration.

What are the eligibility criteria for using Amazon Pay Later?

You must have an account with a verified mobile number, a valid permanent account number (PAN) card, a bank account with one of the selected banks, and one of the following officially valid documents as address proof: a driving licence, voter ID card, Aadhaar, utility bills (not older than 60 days), and a passport. You must be at least 23 years old.

Further eligibility is determined using information currently on file with Amazon as well as your credit bureau history. The loan partner will determine the Amazon Pay Later limit for you based on these and a variety of other variables.

Amazon Pay Later Facility Mandatory Requirements

  • PAN numbers are required for Know Your Customer (KYC) checks. If you do not have a PAN, you will be unable to finish the registration process and hence will not be able to use Amazon Pay Later.
  • Aadhaar-based eKYC verification
  • Account verification
  • Excellent CIBIL Score
  • Only mobile devices may be used to register.

What are the main benefits of Amazon Pay Later?

  • The lender will make a quick decision on your credit limit.
  • Credit card information is not needed.
  • There are no processing or cancellation fees.
  • There are no pre-closure fees.
  • Checkout on is quick and easy using the Amazon Pay Later payment option.
  • Tracking spending and repayments has been simplified on the EMI-specific dashboard.

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