Financial Advisor Job Secrets

Learning about careers as a financial advisor, or financial planner

What are financial advisors and financial planners?  They are referred to as a mentor, a teacher, a registered rep., a sales person, an adviser or advisor, a consultant, a planner, a broker or stock broker, or a trader.  Many terms define what it is to be a financial advisor.  Financial advisors work at a brokerage, wire house, broker-dealer, or financial services firm.  Some specialize in insurance and some specialize in investments.

Financial planners and financial advisors deal with all things having to do with money, investing, and risk management.  They deal with banking, budgeting, and business investment.  Some firms have in-house legal and tax advice.  Financial advisors and financial planners must have a working knowledge of portfolio building, allocating assets, economic analysis, and other fiscal and monetary issues.

As a financial advisor you will help people become debt free and financially independent.  To help people reach financial freedom you will use tools and financial solutions such as mutual funds, common stock, preferred stock bonds, options (calls and puts), commodities and futures, outside consulting, life insurance, and soft ware assisted financial analysis.

In order to enter a career in financial services one must pass a series of exams.  Different firms have different requirements of tests you must pass.  The series 7 allows one to sell general securities such as stock, bonds, mutual funds, and exchange traded funds etc.  A series 6 allows a rep to sell mutual funds.  The series 66 allows an advisor to charge a fee based on advice.  Other tests one may be required to pass are the series 31 (commodities and futures) and certain insurance licensing exams.  Studies show that a career as a financial advisor will be one of the best careers to pursue as the need for financial services increases.

The hardest part of a career in financial services is getting your foot in the door.  There are many secrets to landing a dream job as a financial advisor or stock broker and many hoops one must jump through to overcome the weeding out process.

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