Being discovered online requires a web presence, particularly in today’s world. Nearly a third of American shoppers browse online every day for a nearby company, according to It’s straightforward: websites are necessary for luring in new clients.

Additionally, a website helps you showcase your items and get more leads. However, your website doesn’t have to be expensive or have all the newest features. A free Google website can be just what you need if you’re a small company trying to simply tell clients who you are and what you do.

What is Google’s Free Website Builder?

Customers may find you online thanks to Google’s free website builder, which is a component of Google My Business.

Google utilises the data from your GMB business profile as the building blocks for your website when it creates it. You can pretty much do everything from there with the exception of minor customising.

Free Google websites are attractive and provide a variety of modern themes, despite being cost-free.

Everyone, including amateurs, can use Google’s website builder. With a free Google website, there is no requirement for technical know-how and no need to be concerned about significant backups.

Extra Benefits of a free Google website include:

  1. Social media is not necessary: Not all of your prospective customers use social media, and many may not use the sites you like. Having your own website, where people can search for you or the products you offer without having to join up for Facebook or Twitter, may attract these clients.
  2. Easy to use: Simpleness and great-looking webpages are two of the key advantages of a free Google website. For instance, even the free version of WordPress, which has menus, pages, sub-menus, etc., might look intimidating to a complete newbie.
  3. It offers the necessities: A free Google website is all you need to reach out to a larger audience if you’re not searching for the full e-commerce experience.

Here are a few additional justifications for why you ought to access the internet for free through a Google website.

Why Use Google’s Free Tool to Create a Website?

The percentage of small firms with websites is just 64%. Meanwhile, 70% of prospective buyers are more inclined to make a purchase from a company that has a website.

This indicates that 36% of firms may be losing out on 70% of customers.

Websites lend website to companies, especially if they seem professional. Google websites, which may be put up quickly and need no upkeep, might seem to have taken many hours and hundreds of dollars to create.

Why not benefit from the simple setup and free features of Google’s free website if it helps you get found?

Features of the Google Website Builder

The fact that Google creates your company website automatically is what distinguishes it most from competing platforms. You may change things as you see fit, but if you have a Google My Business account and pick the website option, the information will be automatically filled up on a website for you using a template you chose.

Do not be deceived by its simplicity. You get access to a wealth of features with a free Google My Business website.

It offers you integrated optimization, for instance, so clients can:

  • E-mail or text you
  • Put in orders
  • Requesting service estimates
  • Schedule delivery or hire a service

You may “showcase what makes your firm distinctive” using a free Google website by:

  • images
  • stories
  • posts

Other features to mention are:

  • Integration with Google Calendar and Maps
  • links to a video carousel and images
  • linked to Google Drive

In addition to the aforementioned, Google offers you automated updates, advertisements, and is also mobile-friendly.

How To Create & Publish Your Website

When claiming your Google Business Profile for the first time, you’ll have the choice to build and publish an automatically produced website.

Google will invite you to construct an associated website as soon as you claim your profile.

If you’ve previously claimed your profile, construct a website using the instructions below.

  1. Log in to Business Profile Manager.
  2. The profile you want to edit should be opened.
  3. To build your website, choose Website from the menu.

Observe the directions shown on the screen. You may post it after you’re pleased for everyone to see.

Although most of the material will be pre-populated, you may still alter it as you see fit.

The following website components are editable:

  • Theme: Select from a selection of preset options.
  • Text boxes: The headline and description, for example.
  • CTA button: Select the primary action you want visitors to do, such requesting a quotation.
  • Photos: Select a cover image.
  • Business details: Your company’s name and contact details should be updated.
  • Links to other websites:Link to further pertinent URLs.
  • Menu items: Menu items may be listed on a restaurant’s website.

The portions of your website mentioned above are editable at any moment.

How To Link Others Domain To Your Website

Once your website is up, you’ll undoubtedly want to spread the word about it to your audience and establish some connections.

The domain structure “” will be used by default when websites are built using Google Business Profile.

A custom domain may be bought from the Settings section in your account if you desire a more shareable URL. Google will instantly establish a connection between your website and the domain you bought.

When asked, click “Buy Domain” to acquire a custom domain for the website created using your Google Business Profile (or from the Settings menu in your account).

The next step is to undertake a domain name search and buy one.

It costs nothing to use Google’s website builder if you decide not to buy a custom domain. Regardless of whether the website has a custom domain, hosting it is free.

Once your site has been published, upgrading it is as easy as changing your Google Business Profile. Your website will instantly reflect changes made to your company listing.

Due to its design limitations, Google’s website builder is deficient in many functionality that you would find in a more capable content management system.

But it’s the price you pay for utilising a free, straightforward application that also offers free hosting. Although it isn’t a perfect solution, it is undoubtedly preferable than having no website at all.

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