Choosing the right bank for internet banking with advanced features and facilities

The emergence of internet banking

The advent of online banking has been since 1980’s and is being alive till date. With the advancement in the internet technology, more options are available with online banking. Though it was 1980’s the mid of nineties was the period which boosted internet banking. The main beneficial fact of internet banking is the round the clock service which is comfortable for customers. The security reasons are another fact for which many people shift to internet banking. When an account is opened in a bank the option for internet banking can be requested in the same bank. The same is accomplished by submitting an application form for internet banking. The id and password for internet banking is provided to the customer by which internet banking can be activated. With the id and password the customer can make use of internet banking from anywhere.

Online shopping trend

The new trend of online shopping has been a main reason for internet banking to be boosted. Customers use internet banking for shopping anything online. Since this is an easy way of shopping and payment, internet banking is liked by all. Apart from online banking paying bills, recharges, fund transfers and more are achieved with internet banking.

Yes bank facilities

In that manner the yes bank net banking is one type of bank which has state of the art facilities for banking. Yes banking follows single access key, where a single key can be utilized for both net banking as well as ATM usage. To activate and make use of yes bank net banking, the customer just needs to login to the yes bank site and enter the pin provided for debit card. This number should be entered in the internet access services area. Once validated the customer needs to enter the password and start using the service which is simple and easy.

Latest technology for safety

The technology used by yes banking is safe and secured keeping in mind the customers. The highlight of net banking in yes bank is the two factor authorization which is implemented for the first time in India. With this facility one time passwords are used at time of net banking. This is a security factor when you’re processing net banking. By this way one never requires to remember many passwords for net banking. The transaction authentication is sent to the mobile by ways of SMS. All queries that arise amongst customers regarding safety and security of yes bank can be cleared by means of Instant payment options can be achieved by internet banking. The RTGS and electronic fund transfer are other options which can be used to transfer funds to third party instantly.  Demand drafts can also be requested by making use of yes bank. The best part of security is that yes bank uses 128 ssl encryption methods which is considered as a high level of security mode. These facts make yes bank the famed bank in terms of security and safety for customers. There are many people who possess account in yes bank for the above reasons.

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