There are so many codes to create and store documents and stay on top of e-mails and keep books and teams work together, to run a business, or at least run it well. But setting up your company is not as easy as just fishing apps from a barrel. You can get the best you can, and at a price which is not through the roof.

Keeping in mind the potential and frugality, we have made 25 goals out of our favorite software tools and web services that we are best for giving strength to small and medium sized businesses. Of course, every business does not require every type of program or service, but if your small business can use some help in any given category, then our list will give you a very good shot in choosing the winner.

1. Accounting Software

Flowchart-based accounting of QuickBooks is close to a standard in financial management, as is the world of small-business, and it is arguably the easiest way for non-beneficiaries to move their books from filing cabinets to computers They are Most actions from cutting check to client billing are two away from just one click or start screen.

2. Backup & Recovery

You can back up files in your office regularly for an external hard drive or NAS (network-attached storage) device – but what if the entire space goes into smoke? Hedge your bets with online backup service like Mozy, which automatically stores what you want in the Internet, secure, and sound. Just choose the one you want to backup, and the socks do the rest, either when you sleep, or in real time, as if the files change.

3. Blogging Tools

If your business still does not have a blog – one of the best ways to provide an up-to-date company and product news – you are only three years behind. Hey, it’s not too late to catch: WordPress is installed in minutes (it also offers a free, hosted option on, and the platform is very easy to use (the home page of the site An ad for the worm for WordPress) but we suspect you will need to crack that volume). WordPress is so simple, your team will have to beg for contributing to the blog rather than working hard.

4. Calendar

Mozilla’s Thunderbird (our e-mail pick; see that category below) lacks a calendar, so most business users rely on equally free sunbird for scheduling. This is a very straightforward application with thoughts of day, week and month, and even there is a publishing facility that is capable of sending your calendar to the web site, should you wish to make it public. Get lightning plug-in to integrate Sunbird directly with Thunderbird.

5. Collaboration

With the breeze, any internet can host a session which allows scattered collaborators to work together on a project in real time. This web conferencing platform gives you a very simple whiteboard where you can upload documents for discussion, share your desktop or design from scratch. You do not even need to register to use Vyew, but if you do, then you get access to VoIP and other audio services.

6. Collaboration / Office suite

If your team members have all Google accounts (and why not they do this?), Sharing files and collaborating on them together and in real-time there is a picture with Google Docs. A word processor and spreadsheet are the only option for you – there is no free-form whiteboarding here – but the service is free and easy to operate. Upgrading Premier Edition comes with additional space (25GB vs. 7GB for free) and a conference room scheduling system.

7. CRM

Customer relationship management is not just for Fortune 500. Even a person’s shops can benefit from a more ordered approach to manage the sales process, tracking leads, and to ensure that it is done on subsequent times. requires some training and patience due to its magnitude, but its extensive feature sets and affordable pricing options should be a business.

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