We all know how important internet security is today. Your sensitive information can be tracked online by hackers. Moreover, the use of the Internet has become so urgent that there is no way to ignore it. So the question that may come to your mind is how to use this internet safely, how to prevent your own information from being leaked somewhere. One of the ways to stay safe on the Internet is VPN. Moreover, many people use this VPN or Virtual Private Network to make themselves anonymous. We often get news that server hack of such and such organization has lost millions of data, server hack of such bank has lost so many crores of rupees and so on. Who does these? Yes, of course hackers.

But who is this hacker? What is his identity? What is the real name, where is it? Nothing is ever revealed. The reason they don’t get it is because they hide their personal information and stay on the internet. Those who do not have a specific IP address or specific identity. In fact they all do this kind of work using VPN.

What is VPN and why? Simply put, a VPN is a private network system through which users can access any blocked website and keep all user information confidential. A few days ago VPN was an optional subject. But now VPN is an essential issue for internet users for internet censorship, country restrictions, data security and exclusive security. To ensure proper use of VPN, what is the premium package to be used and there are a small number of VPNs that can be used for free?
In this age of paid VPNs, it’s hard to find a VPN that offers free, trustworthy, secure access to Netflix, torrent. Recently I tested about 92 VPNs who claim they offer free service but only got 10 free VPNs that are reliable and secure.

Most free VPNs have some problems, such as limited data or bandwidth access, slow speed, limited server location, and even blocked streaming websites. The most frightening thing about free VPN is that it can even ruin your online privacy.

And for all these reasons, in a long period of research, I have come up with some VPNs that have no extra charge, privacy risk and which can be used safely. Today’s tune will be in the light of my research.

Before moving on to the main discussion, let’s take a brief look at which VPNs are currently on top.


NordVPN: I will put this VPN first because it is faster, more secure and ahead of other VPNs in terms of features and there is no data limit. Although VPN is not completely free, you will get money back guarantee here, you can take money back if you don’t like it.

ProtonVPN: With this VPN you can use unlimited data, even if you have three server locations, you will get maximum security here.

Windscribe: This VPN has a user friendly interface with 10 GB of free data per month, 10 servers with which you can browse fast but you can not use Netflix.

Hotspot Shield: A trusted VPN that allows you to access up to 500 MB of Internet access per month with US based servers. This VPN can be used for email, Facebook or other websites but it is not good for streaming.

hide.me: With this free plan of VPN you can use 2 GB internet per month which is good for streaming but for data limit you can’t watch any movie with it you can’t download big file.

10 Free VPN-Complete Analysis

Today I will introduce you to some of the best VPNs I have seen that you can use safely and get a variety of features. Honestly no free VPN will give you a complete package like fast speed, unlimited data usage, maximum security. To get all the benefits you must buy a premium package at a low price. Let’s get acquainted with 10 VPNs so that you can use the internet safely, although you will not get free service as required in all of them, but you can get your best VPN if you compromise a bit.

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